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October 21, 2006

The Haunted Forest

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“I cupidshut_1916_272141550.gifhaven’t got a brain… only straw”

Only now its sort of soupy, damp straw. Stuffed full of ideas about the theories of change, the pros and cons of online learning, incidents of change at work and in my industry, worry about how on earth I am going to fit everything in and concern over who is going to load up the next lot of washing and whether Jamie would approve of what I have planned for the kids’ tea. This is how I sum up my first couple of weeks on my course.

Why is it that everyone else can seem to spout a theory complete with an important sounding name without having to spend the hours I am on the internet or curb crawling the library shelves? Perhaps they do, but they are mighty quick at it.

Between the trees in this Haunted Forest though I am starting to get a sense of what I would like to investigate for my first project. I want to examine the role of the Corporate Website, not least because ours is frankly rather rubbish and I know there is loads we could be doing to sort that. This is a great opportunity not to do, but rather to think first and cast a critical eye over what has gone before and future suggestions before starting our overhaul at work.

I need a big dollop of bravery though, I would like to make a film about this rather than write a report. Can I really show a film I have made to Corporate Affairs without having to hide under my desk for the rest of my life? Plus I will need to research it all on paper first, am I just doubling my work? Hmmm more thought required, off to wash marmite sandwiches and cook smelly socks whilst I ponder.


October 17, 2006

The Lollipop Guild

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I can’t help but wonder how we appear to the outside world? Iind_lollipop32.jpg mean, when I was at dance school my friends assumed it was a cross between Fame – all dancing on tables and paying in sweat and an Enid Blytonesque Mallory Towers, with us sneaking midnight feasts and learning Latin verbs. Whilst I admit to the odd feast, sadly the rest was all in their imaginations, obviously I never told my friends as much though – why ruin a good yarn?

Now I find a little less romantic view is held of where I work. Things we have been accused of include being a little dull, uncreative, not quite as bad as McDonalds to actively malevolent! Sometimes I perpetuate these ideas too, not for the same reason as my school myths, but more because they are time consuming to refute and I can’t always be bothered, however….. I thought I might tackle one here, just in terms of my job. What on earth makes you think I am uncreative?

Firstly, I work with a computer so therefore my job must be dull? Duh…. Have you got no idea just how creative you can be with a computer? Where do I start? Annimation, blogs, websites, advertising, film editing, choreography (check this out http://www.credo-interactive.com/danceforms/), you tube, myspace, ceebeebies for Pete’s sake, the list is endless, its not all spreadsheets you know! Secondly, mercifully we are not surgically attached to our machines, we have meetings, conferences, slagging sessions round the water cooler, there are many other opportunities to be creative at the office.

Talking of meetings, the munchkins gathered today. We discussed the need to change the format of these particular meetings to avoid us being, as Bellina (not her real name of course) put it ‘bored shitless”. We agreed to try new ways to get our message across without inducing comas in our audience. I was feeling pretty pleased with this until I was told “as long as you don’t do any of that creative shit”! It wouldn’t have been so bad, but it came from one of the most creative members of our team, Elphaba (not his real name either clearly) plays guitar, paints and pens brilliant film scripts… at home…. I wish he would bring some of his “creative shit” to our meetings, perhaps then Bellina would re-establish the will to live? I digress, sorry, what I wanted to say was that I have pushed the boundaries a couple of times at work and I have never once, Elphaba aside, been told to can it (ahem). Quite the opposite, we all enjoy a little creative thinking and I would argue we all do it daily. Creative doesn’t always have to mean artistic either – here Elphaba and I agreed.

…she noticed coming toward her a group of the queerest people she had ever seen. They were not as big as the grown folk she had always been used to; but neither were they very small. In fact, they seemed about as tall as Dorothy, who was a well-grown child for her age, although they were, so far as looks go, many years older.





October 3, 2006

Dandy Lion

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medal_winner_lg1.jpg“Read what my medal says: “Courage”. Ain’t it the truth? Ain’t it the truth?”

So what do I want to be master of? What do I want to get out of this course? I want to arm myself with the ability to find a way to activate change in my workplace, but I want more than that…. I want to be brave enough to actually put those skills into practice. That’s what attracted me to this course. To be honest the fact that it’s an MA is pretty incidental, I’ve got one and how many does a girl need? Admittedly this one is slightly more sensible, but still, hardly biochemistry as a helpful friend pointed out.

So what do I mean by change? That is so vague, sorry. I mean I want to find ways, ways I haven’t tried or even thought of yet to shout across my company about the wonderful things we could be doing for them as an eBusiness Team (I do like the whole team thing and intend to drag them with me down this particular yellow brick road). I also want to stamp my feet in the direction of the higher echelons of my company and question why it is we take so long to do things and over complicate simple tasks. I want to schmooze with Corporate Affairs and HR in such a way that they are biting my hand off to get us to work with them on their projects and we become the first team they call when instigating new projects. I want this course to point me in the right direction to find these skills, to help me ask the right questions and to steal what I can from my virtual classmates brains.

Ok, rant over I should say at this point that I work with a bunch of excellent people who can and will embrace change. They need someone to lead it, someone to explain, in a measured way, why we need it and someone who can see it through. Heck, they helped me pay for this, they must want it too…. Unless they think I’m doing biochemistry? The Lion got a medal from Oz, I will settle for a new pair of shoes if I pull this one off.

Warm Up

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18ingballetbagreatbuyo.jpgIn ballet you start with a warm up before attempting something rather more grand such as a triple pirouette. Therefore, I figured, stick with what you know and post a bit of a test before launching into something more meaningful. My boss, who is something of an accomplished blogger, says it helps to find your voice if you have a couple of practice posts before going for “the big one”. So consider this me clearing my word press throat, ahem.

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