A Pair Of Ruby Slippers

December 7, 2006

Making Slow Loris Look Speedy

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slorisb.jpg It’s no use screaming at a time like this. Nobody will hear you. Help! Help!

When did I get so slow? It is just taking me forever to get this work done. That is not good for a person with a limited attention span. Is it just because I can only do it when the kids are asleep (sleep EE, remember that?) or am I just slowing down? Even my procrastination is not what it used to be, I do this instead of searching for holidays I can’t afford. Mind you, I did find time to help Toto make Chet (don’t ask), the large round privit bush outside the house into a giant christmas pudding at the weekend. EE thinks its rubbish but Toto and I are rather proud of it pudding.jpg


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