A Pair Of Ruby Slippers

March 27, 2007

Mithering Munchkins

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Boy oh boy oh boy…. here I go again, only this time it’s not personal. This time the whole of the Lollipop Guild are involved. I have been tasked with an AI project and I’m looking at how we communicate and specifically the team meeting.

There is some great research about to help with my prep. Last night I read through an article from a scholarly management journal about AI in organisations that concluded that such journals were only vaguely related to a real manager’s world. It went on to say everyday management is better explored through a range of “philosophical viewpoints; Aristotelian praxis, hermeneutics, existentialism, pragmatism, process philiosophies and phemonenology”… I think your average everyday manager would agree. So bearing that in mind I have started to interview the team about their views on our meeting and how we might change it. The actual outputs of this I will include in my report, but I wanted to write a journal alongside to record the “asides” and to note my thoughts and feelings before they change with time and practical knowing.

Basically today I am thinking what a great bunch the Guild are, I was aware that I am taking their work time and that they are busy but (so far) they have all been really positive and helpful. I know the acid test will be if we can actually get some of the things we discussed to happen but at the moment I don’t see why not. I am in the middle of my usual spurt of enthusiasm I feel at the start of a project, I hope I can see it through, it is very exciting (see told you I had enthusiasm) to be looking at a work process in this manner and I am having to stop myself getting carried away and wanting to look at everything we do like this. I am guessing that might try the patience of even the most saintly team members.saint.jpg


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