A Pair Of Ruby Slippers

September 3, 2007


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rainbow3.jpgWhen you’re dancing, you don’t just take six weeks off. Imagine the pain when you restarted… hideous. It is pretty painful after the standard fortnight. But having taken the summer off from this MA work, it a slow grind to try and refocus again. OK so the burning pains in the muscles are absent but the brain, oh dear.

It doesn’t help that Munchkin Land is currently more depressing than my ironing pile. I am reminded of some dodgy sticker on an old office wall (probably next to the one saying “you don’t have to be mad to work here etc”) that said “the light at the end of the tunnel has been temporarily turned off”. I get it now…. its not meant to be funny, they were serious.

For me it’s not what is going on at work, but how they are handling it. They’re pants. To use more 1990s office speak, they are treating us like mushrooms. If someone bothered to discuss with us the reasons for canceling EVERYTHING, we might just have a more understanding view. We are grown ups. But when you get everything third hand via the vending machine chat, munchkins get resentful. How on earth do they think that is going to be productive in the long run? I bet their come back to me would be along the lines of telling me there is so much I don’t know….. like DUH!


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