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September 13, 2007

The Wonderful Wiki of Oz?

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Sniiiiiiiiif (wipes snotty nose on sleeve).

Frankly, I’ve been a bit of a wuss recently, but have now got a grip. So time to move on (dabs at eye with tissue to clear up unbecoming panda effect)

I’m going to look at the future of corporate websites.

Something that is coming over loud and clear from my initial research is that the future is collaborative, open and honest. What a hoot, eh Munchkin Land?

So in the spirit of the aforementioned, I am going to conduct much of my work on this ‘ere blog and am eager to get as much feedback from you lot as possible. That way I can nick your ideas without being accused of plagiarism. Thank you.

So my first quandary is this –  if the future is about being transparent, should I disclose which company I am writing about here?



  1. nope – that bit you can’t disclose 😉

    Here’s my hunch. Getting on for 100% of problems within businesses are down to communication issues and opaque management, at best. That feels true for internal problems as well as external relations. So, to that end, improving communications would, I’m sure, help businesses. Would a decent corporate website work? Yup, as long as it’s done right.

    Transparency, collaboration might lead to us knowing more about an organisation, but that news might not always be good. The message needs to be managed if the vehicle is open.

    Nature abhors a vacuum and so does communication. Fail to communicate and the vacuum created will certainly get filled with rumour and innuendo. Communicate quickly, politely and honestly, that’d help and a corporate website is part of that. Just be careful what you say 😉

    Comment by Jonathan — September 17, 2007 @ 1:01 pm | Reply

  2. I get paid to sniff under the tails of other people’s businesses. Most people fairly firmly believe theirs is the most dysfunctional going and certainly the worst at communicating. Management that don’t tell them anything (according to workers) and workers that don’t listen (according to managers).

    Most of what I’ve seen on collaboration sounds like a jolly good thing, punters seem to like to buy from real people rather than glossy glomerates and honesty tends only to expose those with something to hide (especially if, like Sartre, you agree that nothingness is something!).

    My gut says “go live with company name”, but then I have been kicked out of a few respectable kennels based on gut reactions of one sort or another.

    On plagiarism, I can hardly comment, I’m a trainer – a great Dancer once told me it was called post-modern referencing anyway and then blathered on about flattery so don’t worry about it!

    Seriously, I wish more people would tell the truth and drop the corporate b.s., no one believes it anyway (except maybe those leveraging their lowest hanging fruit).


    Comment by Toto — September 20, 2007 @ 6:37 pm | Reply

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