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September 20, 2007

Walking Too Far

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I suspect you are busting to know why I chose to look at the future of corporate sites? At Munchkin Land we have had a project simmering to replace our corporate site for the last year…. yes that’s right a YEAR, a whole flaming YEAR, 12 long… (count ’em 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12) months, . As you may be able to deduce this is irritating me somewhat. We should have had a new one in place by now incorporating all the elements I identified at the start of this course.

Incidentally I don’t think that having that site would have changed what I chose to study for this unit. I believe that the web landscape has shifted enough since then (and our Munchkin understanding of it) that this project would still have been necessary. So why if I still think I would still be looking into the future now do I think that we should have spent our filthy lucre on a new site only to change it? Good question, the answer is that the site we currently have is so outdated that it could be considered misleading at best and even damaging at worst. For a relatively small amount of cash we could have made great improvements that could have been sustained with the current set up of the business. I accept that we are not currently resourced to look after an all singing and dancing site, but to keep using this as an excuse to do nothing is pretty lame – there are folk about that could have had this licked.

There is a lack of understanding of the influence (and the potential) of the web on our brands, which is interesting as our sister company (the brand owner) is much more savvy. I did a quick search for blog posts on one of our brands today and found nearly 100,000 without really trying and even for Munchkin Land there was still nearly 50,000. This is a Routemaster that is pulling out of the station and we need to run and jump on it before we miss it totally. This blogosphere or social network, call it what you will can no longer be ignored – more about this in future posts.

Because we have waited sooooo long (did I mention a year?) to replace our site, we are now in the position where we will be spending more cash to create something that may well become obsolete quicker than El Dorado in the ’90s. We are still discussing a traditional site with traditional agencies and a traditional, throwing money at the problem approach. Crikey, we are morphing into our Marketing team, deep joy.

What I aim to show with this study is that Munchkin Land is barking up the wrong tree. There are future elements that need to be taken into consideration that are not currently being discussed. Although I must say I am glad that they are at least barking up a tree, that’s a start.

Ultimately whether Munchkin land chooses to consider my thoughts or not is not my raison d’etre for this assignment. I am doing it for the more important reasons of my own knowledge and mastery of my subject. I have to say, it would be rather nice though.


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  1. never underestimate the value of barking up trees, any trees, or just barking, regardless of trees

    I don’t know much about the subject you’re exploring but I do have one query. Is the corporate website – collaboration, 2.0 thing comparable to a departing vehicle you either jump on or miss? As you mention, had you acted quicker (you call it a year, that’s 7 years where I come from, count them, 1,2,3,4…damn it, run out of paws) you’d be changing now anyway. My question’s based on the oft sited successes of those who were second, or later, to market. I also don’t understand why being late should make the bill bigger – aren’t costs for this sort of stuff coming down as people collaborate more? isn’t that the whole point? let the lunatics overtake the asylum – let the public build your corporate website – marvelous

    In my own field, first to market e-learning (or cbt) “solutions” (puke) are now pilloried as valueless, 2-dimensional crap, but lots of important people bought lots of it. I thank my lazy stars I didn’t get out of bed quick enough to make any of my own in those days!

    Is it better to watch you don’t “sacrifice the great in favour of the good” and make sure that what you eventually do release is something that not only you are proud of, but that your cheeses also understand, sponsor, acknowledge, talk about etc, something their kids would show their friends?


    Comment by Toto — September 20, 2007 @ 7:15 pm | Reply

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