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January 9, 2008

Just a Little Bit Evil

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Unit 4 was about looking at what a fellow MA-er did for their unit 3 assignment. Fine until you realise that someone will be going over your unit 3 assignment too. Actually it wasn’t so bad, by this point I was getting used to my work being a public thing. I no longer felt the need to run away and hide in a cupboard It was only today that one of my colleagues said he feels like he has done an MA too this last year. Delivering feedback to another student forced me to think carefully about how I would like to receive it as well as look at how they tackled the same brief I had.

As part of this unit I also had to go back over my own unit 3 assignment, this wasn’t as good for me as AI contains a reflexive element anyway so I felt I had pretty much got that licked, I had already studied what I studied (keeping up?). My stupid short attention span was also getting a bit stretched by that point, I was in danger of writing something along the lines of “I don’t care about our bloody team meeting anymore!” if I had to go back over it again.

Unfortunately (maybe) a knock on effect is that I am giving more (considered) feedback to colleagues some of whom get a little defensive, which amuses me, Hah! It’s good to be just a little bit evil.

Another issue for me with this assignment was that as part of this “small” unit I had to evaluate the process of change. This felt like a unit in itself not a fifth of the marks of a small unit. I don’t feel that I really got to the bottom of this for Munchkin Land. Something that really struck me during my research for this unit was how differently change was viewed here from the AI process. At Munchkin Land it seems a change is decided from On High then the “change” is managed by the change management team. If it was AI, the Change Management Team would be making the changes themselves, assessing the outcomes and refining the changes. Whilst clearly not appropriate for everything I would like to see more of this in my workplace. It implicitly views change as something that is continual whereas we tend to see “a change” as something that happens, then is managed through the business and then forgotten. Oh watch out new team…..

Unit 4’s shoe count was a pair of slutty sandals.


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  1. My experience of Munchkin Land tells me that change is never decided On High but is brought about by what Harold Macmillan once described as “events”.The On Highers themselves like the status quo quite nicely thank you on the basis that they’ve clawed their way up there and they now want to stay there.Change here is all about external pressures and influences from across the pond.
    The fallout from the MMC’s and Competition Commission investigations in the early 90s and its impact on the way the Company still trades today; the reluctant adoption of technology in any discipline other than Systems itself (see SAP),the imposition of a “Euro solution” because that’s what they’ve done in the US and,finally peering into my crystal ball,the imminent creation of “Shared Services” in Europe because that’s what they’re doing in the US (see Florida).
    The Change Management team that you describe is largely non existent, consisting usually of hapless individuals doing as they’re told – usually by an expensive external specialist advisor to the On Highs who are not “quite sure” about the detail but thoroughly agree with the overall thrust of whatever has been proposed.

    Comment by chris farmer — January 11, 2008 @ 5:23 pm | Reply

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